Dough Flats, Shells, Self Rise
  • DeIorio’s developed this very high-quality approach to making pizzas in the 1980’s
  • Traditional flavor of a dough ball with convenience of pre-shaped product 
  • Shorter thaw time than traditional dough ball
  • Dough is partially shaped or sheeted
  • Thaw, proof, finish shaping, top and bake
  • Interested in Optional Private Labeling?

Flats- Raw dough, partially stretched & oiled
Dough Shells – Raw dough, fully stretched
Self-Rise  – Stretched & Docked, or Sheeted & Edged
                     – The fewest ingredients in the industry

Self-Rise gives you the convenience of freezer to oven performance.

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fresh frozen dough shells and flats
fresh frozen dough ball and flats
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