deiorios organic dough

Through the years we’ve mastered “just the right” fresh to frozen process to create the best texture, chew and taste in our recipes.  We’ve been able to develop a greater range of products to serve a large range of customers, discerning tastes and dietary guidelines. 
We are happy to introduce our newest specialty line, Certified Organic

  • Carefully procured ingredients purchased
    from certified organic suppliers
  • No preservatives or additives
  • Certified Organic from field to final product
  • Private labeling for your business
  • Proprietary Formulation matching taste &
    consistency to your special recipes
  • Interested in Optional Private Labeling?
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organic dough and bread
Not sure what dough is right for you?
double 00 flour
Pro Line Dough Balls
  • Made with Italian 00, super fine, high protein flour   
  • Formulated for high-temp brick oven environments 
  • Achieve New York style crispier pizza crust in minutes 
  • Designed for Fast Casual