A staple in many restaurants and beloved by millions, the breadstick is timeless. Our frozen breadsticks are soft and delicious, made from the highest quality ingredients, and delivered frozen and pre-scored, ready to bake and serve.

Our breadstick recipe features the same wholesome, fresh ingredients as our dough balls. DeIorio’s frozen breadsticks are now available in a variety of profiles:
Deluxe Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks – 72 Sticks/8 Slabs 2.4 oz
4.5” Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks – 144 Sticks/16 Slabs 1.22 oz
9” Par Baked Untopped Breadsticks 90 Sticks/10 Slabs 1.6 oz
Par Baked 51/49 Wheat Blend Breadstick Shell 90 Sticks/10 Slabs 2 oz
Broccoli Cheddar Breadsticks 90 Sticks/10 Slabs 1.76 oz


The classic Garlic Herb breadsticks are topped with 100% real mozzarella cheese, a staple in Italian eateries, cafes and quick-service locations. Plain breadsticks are ideal for creating your own flavor or recipe, such as Super Cheesy Pull Apart Breadsticks, Berry Prosciutto Breadsticks, or Dessert Breadsticks. And our broccoli cheddar breadsticks is an easy way to add a new menu item without additional time and labor for your employees, plus, they are delicious!

Baking Instructions

Available in 4.5” and 9” slabs for easy scalability, DeIorio’s frozen breadsticks are truly the best breadsticks available for your business.
Our breadsticks are quick and easy to bake! Follow our simple steps below.
1. Bake each breadstick slab directly from the frozen state.
2. Set conveyor oven at one of the following settings:
a. *375F for 6 minutes
b. *475F for 3 minutes
3. Place each breadstick slab on a perforated baking pan (preferably a black
anodized pan) or screen.
4. Bake the breadstick slab for a full cycle at one of the time/temp settings
5. Cool for two minutes.
6. Cut the breadstick slab into nine sticks using the perforations in the dough as
guidance and serve.
a. Each stick should be 9” long and 1” wide.
* Times and temperatures may vary.

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