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Cafes are all about keeping up with current trends and turning visitors into loyal customers who keep coming back. The top trends in today’s industry are health and quick service.


DeIorio’s is proud to offer Certified Organic pizza dough that contains no additives or preservatives. We ensure this dough stays organic from the field to your customers’ plates. Want to go organic but don’t want to give up the taste your customers love? Our proprietary formulation allows you to bring that same consistency to every product.


We also offer gluten-free shells, certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) and meets all requirements for the Celiac Sprue Association (CSA). We want your cafe to offer products that meet restrictions for all diets!


In order to keep the lines out the door, your cafe must keep the line moving as fast as possible. Our frozen pizza dough and frozen bread dough are extremely versatile and consistent, allowing you to create many different menu items. DeIorio’s offers options that take little to no preparation time. Simply proof and bake! This simple process allows pizza cafes to churn out a consistent product every time!


Give your customers food they’ll love so much, they can’t help but come back! 


Typical User Preferences:
Flats, Shells, Self Rise | Par-Baked

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