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DeIorio’s Original Dough Ball
Pizza dough balls from DeIorio’s are the perfect choice for many restaurants, venues and facilities. Dough balls are the closest option to fresh dough, giving your customers a taste they’ll love. DeIorio’s uses naturally matured, unbleached wheat flour. These frozen pizza dough balls come in different sizes and styles, including:

– Traditional
– Herb
– Whole Wheat
– Multi-grain
– Organic


DeIorio’s pizza dough balls are extremely easy to work with, allowing your employees to create a consistent menu item – every time! Simply thaw the dough balls over night in a cooler, allow them to get to room temperature and begin to make your masterpiece. This consistency saves time in your facility, and also gives your customers a product they’ll come to love and expect.

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Since our frozen pizza dough balls are so easy to work with, they can create many menu items, such as pizzas, bread, calzones, fried dough, stromboli and more. Save valuable freezer space by ordering dough balls that can result in delicious multiple end products!

Our Premio Pizza Dough Ball is another great choice for a dough ball. This dough ball is used most frequently among our fast casual restaurants, bakeries and pizzerias. This dough ball is unique in that it is made with Italian 00, super fine, high protein flour and is formulated for high-temp brick or stone fired ovens. The Premio pizza dough ball allows for a quick New York style crispier pizza crust in minutes!

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“Deiorio’s has been a huge part of my success here at RH Foster. Our Freshies brand has depended on Deiorio’s dough and they have always supported us at every turn. Deiorio’s has even made custom products to support our business. In addition to being responsive to our needs, they have provided culinary visits with their corporate team to introduce new products and give us training on the products we use. Doing business with Deiorio’s has been a pleasure and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their food brand.”
Rob Dumas CEC
Food Service Director

Pizza Dough Ball Recipes

Our product development team’s favorite job is creating recipes that you and your customers will love. Check out some of the easy-to-follow pizza dough ball recipes they’ve put together!
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