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Pizza dough needs change based on a variety of factors: time commitment, preparation setting, and equipment available. That’s why DeIorio’s offers its industry leading pizza dough in a variety of formats to meet your specific needs, including ready-made dough flats, dough shells, and self-rising pizza dough.

As with all of DeIorio’s pizza dough products, our dough flats, shells and self-rising products are based on our original pizza dough recipe, using only naturally matured, unbleached wheat flour. With the traditional flavor of a dough ball, our flats, sheets, and self-rising dough offer the convenience of pre-shaped product and a shorter thaw time than a traditional dough ball, making them ideal for quick-service applications.


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We developed the high-quality approach behind our Dough Flats 20 years ago. DeIorio’s Dough Flats come partially shaped or sheeted, oiled on one side, and individually bagged for maximum performance. The uncomplicated, five-step workflow is ideal for pizzerias, restaurants, and in-store bakeries looking to save some time without sacrificing taste or quality. Dough Flats offer maximum flexibility and customization in a shorter time frame than DeIorio’s traditional Dough Ball.

With a convenient four-step workflow, DeIorio’s Dough Sheets removes another step from the pizza-making process, ushering in the current generation of pizza preparation. Dough Sheets take the traditional flavor of a dough ball and combine it with the convenience of a pre-shaped product. The pizza dough arrives fully-stretched and ready to thaw, proof, top and bake.


With the convenience of freezer-to-oven performance, DeIorio’s Self-Rising Pizza Dough is ideal for anyone new to pizza or someone with little to no time for extensive pizza operation. This dough is a quick way to add quality pizza to the menu with your personal sauce profile. A three-step process is all that stands between you and your customers with DeIorio’s Self-Rising Pizza Dough.

Our dough flats, shells and self-rising pizza dough are each available in a variety of weights, thicknesses, and ranges. Our handy Pizza Guide can help narrow down our extensive variety of pizza dough options to find the style right for your business.

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