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DeIorio’s Gluten-Less Pizza Dough

A gluten-free dough that anyone can offer!
“More is Less” with our DeIorio’s Gluten-Less Pizza Dough. Currently, in the US, there is a growing market of consumers who are either cutting out gluten completely or reducing their intake. Several convenience stores, pizzerias, restaurants, and other food service providers are getting in front of the curve by offering gluten-free menu items. Unlike other gluten-free dough options, DeIorio’s doesn’t compromise the taste that our customers have come to love!

Fast Facts

• Estimated 3.1 million gluten-free dieters in 2017.
• 2.2 million of those have chosen to eat gluten-free.
• Gluten-free food market is expected to top $23 billion by 2020.

If you aren’t offering a gluten-free or DeIorio’s Gluten-Less option, you’re missing out on a growing market. This group of consumers is willing to spend top dollar on food that caters to their diet. It’s time to take advantage and give them what they want – before your competitors do!

Be sure to check out the articles and infographic below for more information on why it makes sense to offer our DeIorio’s Gluten-Less pizza dough.

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