How to Properly Cook Frozen Pizza Dough

par baked pizza shellsWhen restaurants first start considering ordering frozen pizza dough, they often wonder how to cook it. Does the texture change when frozen, and do you need to compensate for that? Or will it be watery or soggy, after being frozen and thawed? The truth is, frozen pizza shells can be cooked exactly the same way as if you had made it yourself, just in a fraction of the time. But when it comes to preparing the dough, there may just be a few things to take into consideration.

Obviously if you’re ordering frozen dough products, you’ll need to defrost it before you do anything else. Balls will take longer to defrost as they are much thicker, while shells may only take just a few minutes sitting out at room temperature. If the dough has been frozen for a long time, you may find that excessive moisture clings to it, even after defrosting, from things such as ice pellets. Should this occur, simply use a bit more flour than you normally would when rolling it out and it should come back to the desired consistency, and not be as sticky.

Our pizza dough is best rolled out from the center to the edges, to get the most even surface and even cooking as well. All dough should be rolled out until it begins to lose its elasticity, before being topped with all of the delicious toppings you offer!