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Bakeries want to be known for their bread. Why not trust a frozen bread dough manufacturer like DeIorio’s? After all, we have been producing breads, tunnels, sub rolls and more since 1924!


What’s our secret? One secret is the flour we use! We only use naturally matured, unbleached wheat flour. It’s high in protein and specifically chosen because of it’s high quality grains and roots. This allows you to create a consistent product that will reduce waste and minimize downtime in your bakery.


Purchasing from DeIorio’s will save your bakery time and money, while still giving your customers a product they love. With our frozen bread products, we can assure you quality and taste will not be compromised. Customers will receive a consistent menu item each and every time – ensuring they’ll be back for more. Don’t worry: you still bake the bread in house to give your customers that fresh baked bread smell they love!


We offer many different types and sizes of bread. That’s because our frozen bread dough is so versatile. Plus, it’s easy to use. Your bakery will be able to offer many different products using our dough. Whether you call them hoagies, heroes, tunnels or subs, you and your customers will love our bread.


Keep your customers happy with breads and rolls that taste great! Explore the options at DeIorio’s today!


Typical User Preferences:
| Flats, Shells, Self Rise | Par-Baked | Dough Ball 

What dough is right for you?