Market Segmentation

Your Complete Solution for Commercial Applications

Pizzeria & Sub Shops

Fresh vs Frozen Dough 

Believe it or not, the end product tastes the same. We use the same ingredients found in your kitchen. Our full line of products allows you to be in charge. Let us show you how our recipes can make your business more cost effective. 

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In store bakery

In-Store Bakery

Mixing, scaling and sizing consistency

are tough to maintain day in and day out.  Purchasing quality frozen dough products can save over six steps in your bakery. All you have to do is proof and bake. Let us share some of our famous recipes for your  in-store bakery to profit from.

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Flats, Shells, Self Rise | Par-Baked | Dough Ball 

How much time & experience do you have?

In-Store Cafe

New trends with eateries & shopping.

Simplicity and consistency  are tough to maintain in these small cafe’s.  Frozen dough products can save up to six steps in your cafe. All you have to do is proof and bake. This simplicity delivers delicous profits.

Typical User Preferences:
Flats, Shells, Self Rise | Par-Baked

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wholesale pizza for schools

Schools & Institutions

Freezer to oven

items enable you to bring quality products to your customers with the least amount of prep work. We all know pizza is found everywhere. Bring our prized family recipes from our kitchen to yours. Each time you use our products, you know the taste and texture will be consistent. Breadsticks, and wheat products deliver a well rounded menu.

Typical User Preferences:
Flats, Shells, Self Rise | Par-Baked

Brand your own special recipe

Convenience Store

Time and space are very valuable

in a convenience store. Profit per Square Foot (PSF) is to be determined daily. Most c-stores are finding Business has never been healthier, offering a foodservice program, especially pizza and subs.  NEW TRENDS for healthier quick serv options have made room for DeIorio’s certifed organic dough and gluten free products.  These premium products have increased PSF  performance. 

Typical User Preferences:
Flats, Shells, Self Rise | Par-Baked | Topped Pizza

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dough supplier for restaurants

QSR – Quick Serve Restaurants

Every bread product served for breakfast,

lunch or dinner starts with the best tasting dough. Use our dough for many different applications. One dough product can be made into pizza, stromboli, calzones, bread, rolls, bread sticks, subs and sandwiches.  Give your customers an upscale homemade taste.

Typical User Preferences:
Flats, Shells, Self Rise | Par-Baked | Topped Pizza | Dough Balls | Bread Sticks

What dough is right for you?

Theme Parks, Recreation Centers

Pizza contributes to an atmosphere like no other food.   

Great pizza brings aroma and profit to any type of foodservice venue. Our dough products are time tested and bring many options to your business. Fully prepared frozen pizza goes from freezer to oven, or our flats and dough balls can be personalized for your operation. Let us help you determine the most efficient way to produce the  food your customers will enjoy.

Typical User Preferences:
Flats, Shells, Self Rise | Par-Baked | Topped Pizza

wholesale pizza supplier for theme parks and facilities
branded pizza program

Branded Program

Deiorios NY Style Pizza Program

A brand can take years and a lot of money for  consumers to catch onto.  Purchase a brand that has had market penetration for over 90 years.

  • Freedom to run your program the way you like
  • NO Franchise Fee
  • Quality Product
  • Marketing Material
  • Make your own decisions
  • NO pricing mandates
  • Equipment training & expertise
brand your pizza with deiorios