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Fresh vs Frozen Dough 


As a pizzeria or sub shop, you aren’t just competing with other pizzerias. You’re competing with all the restaurants in your area. What makes you stand out? Why will consumers choose you?


It starts with the dough. And that’s where DeIorio’s comes into the picture. As a pizza dough and bread manufacturer and supplier since 1924, we have the experience you need. That experience has taught us that pizza makers like you look for two things when it comes to dough:


Consistency: Have you ever ordered your favorite meal from a restaurant and were disappointed with the outcome? A product that is consistent avoids that dilemma. Our frozen pizza dough is extremely easy to use, allowing you and your staff to create the same great tasting product day after day. Our professionals will also train your staff on how to prepare the dough, ensuring you have all the skills you need to keep your menu items consistent.


Versatility: Speaking of menu items, how many do you have? Do you offer your customers enough choices to keep them coming back? Are you catering to all consumers? DeIorio’s pizza and bread dough is versatile, allowing you to create endless menu items. Plus, we offer Certified Organic dough as well as gluten-free dough to appeal to customers with dietary restrictions.


We proudly offer all of our customers product samples and taste testing sessions. After all, how can you sell pizza to your customers without trying it first?


Call DeIorio’s today and learn why so many pizzerias and sub shops trust us as their bread and pizza dough manufacturer!


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