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As a pizzeria dough manufacturer, we ensure that our dough recipe—or yours—will keep your customers coming back for more. We understand that you aren’t just competing with other pizzerias; you’re also competing with all the restaurants in your area. What makes you stand out? Why will consumers choose you? We can help.

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We’ve been manufacturing frozen dough balls for pizza for several decades. We have the experience and dough products you need. Experience has taught us that pizzeria owners look for a few things when it comes to dough:

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Our frozen pizza dough is easy to use, allowing you and your staff to create the same great-tasting product day after day. Our professionals will also help train on how to prepare the dough, ensuring you have all the skills needed to keep your menu items consistent.


Speaking of menu items, how many do you have? Do you offer your customers enough choices to keep them coming back?  DeIorio’s pizza dough is versatile, allowing you to create endless menu items. We have various frozen dough products that your customers will love. Plus, we offer Certified Organic dough as well as gluten-free crusts to appeal to customers with dietary restrictions.

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Time Savings

As a leading pizza dough manufacturer, we understand that time is money. Our frozen dough for pizza cuts labor costs, allowing you to serve consistent, delicious pizzas and other menu items quickly. Our time-saving options streamline your pizza dough preparation process and improve efficiency. It’s important to choose quality dough products that meet your taste preferences and fit your desired pizza style.

Popular dough products used by pizzerias include:
Dough Balls | Proprietary Formulations | Gluten Free Crusts | Breadsticks | Better-for-You

For pricing information, samples, or to order, please use the form:

We proudly offer product samples. After all, how can you sell pizza to your customers without trying it first?

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What dough is right for you?