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Pre- Made Pizza sales have increased 12.7% in supermarkets as consumers are turning to comfort foods. 

Customers are looking for new ways to enjoy at home pizza that they love, while being hands-on, at a value they can afford and appreciate.

7710   2 -11” 12oz. Dough Flats, *2-Cheese & Sauce

7720  2 -9”x 5.5”12oz.  Dough Flats, *2-Cheese & Sauce

7740  4 -9”x 5.5”  12oz. Dough Flats, *4-Cheese & Sauce

410DEI  4 -12oz.  Dough Balls

416PNP  16oz Dough Ball 

7511DEI  11” Cheese Pizza

*PKs – 4 oz. Pizza Sauce Packets & 5 oz. Mozzarella Cheese Packets

Supermarkets • C Stores • Restaurants   

Pizzeria Franchises • Club Stores

Dough Ball Kits

Food Safety Check

Individually Wrapped for Safety

Our gourmet pizza kits follow food safety and quality standards containing individually packaged dough balls, dough flats or pizza shells.

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11" Cheese Pizza

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