Theme Parks, Recreation Centers

Pizza contributes to an atmosphere like no other food.   

The key to running successful concessions – whether that be a theme park, recreation center, zoo, stadium – is all about moving the line quickly and of course, profit margin. Are you making enough money off of your breads and pizza products?


DeIorio’s offers frozen pizza dough and breads that will make you even more!


Our dough maximize your valuable freezer storage space by producing high quality, consistent menu items that your customers will love. You’ll find that it’s super easy to use, which minimizes downtime and reduces food waste. Plus, our professionals will train you and your staff on proper procedures, handling methods and more to ensure you get the most out of our frozen dough – and keep those lines moving!


Another factor to keep in mind is meeting the needs of all customers. We know you have tons of customers to serve. Not only is our frozen pizza dough consistent, it’s versatile too. Your customers will love the various menu items you serve. Little do they know it all starts from the same base product! DeIorio’s also offers Certified Organic pizza, as well as gluten-free dough options.


While the admission ticket profits are nice, food service is where the real money’s at! Call DeIorio’s or fill out the form to see why so many facilities trust us as their wholesale pizza and bread dough distributor!


Typical User Preferences:
Flats, Shells, Self Rise | Par-Baked | Topped Pizza

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