Breakfast Bowls, a Great Way to Use Frozen Rolls!

Breakfast Bowls, a Great Way to Use Frozen Rolls!

There is no real recipe to follow when using frozen rolls to make breakfast bowls, because the chances are that you’ll soon find all kinds of great things to throw in there. But this is an easy method you can use to make the breakfast bowls of any restaurant on your block.

Start by hollowing out the center of each roll, but don’t throw out all that wholesale bread – you can use it to make croutons! Once all the rolls are hollowed out, then just fill it with sausage, bacon, red or green pepper, and any other breakfast fixings you can think of. Just ensure that if you need to cook something in the roll, that you do it beforehand; it won’t have time to cook in the oven.

Then crack an egg over the fillings in the roll. If you want a runny egg, simply crack it right in. If you or your customers want scrambled eggs, you can do that too just by beating them lightly and then pouring that over the filling.

Once you have your fillings and your eggs, the rolls are ready to go in the oven. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and then just bake the rolls until the egg is set to your liking. Remove from the oven and serve piping hot to your customers. They won’t be able to stop talking about it!

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