New York Bagels and More: Food NYC Does Best

New York Bagels and More: Food NYC Does Best

New York is known for many things: the theater, great shopping, and all the nightlife you could ask for – at any hour. But out of all the things the city is known for, food ranks at the top of the list. From the finest Italian pizza dough, to boiled and broiled bagels, NYC’s famous for all kinds of food; and you don’t have to visit the Big Apple in order to get any of it!

New York bagels are one of the first foods people think of when they think of “the city that never sleeps.” Usually kept fairly topping-free, with lox and cream cheese being the most that New Yorkers usually heap on, there’s something special about these delicacy bagels; and you can find them on just about any corner in New York, or from frozen dough manufacturers.

Cupcakes are a food that may not typically be associated with NYC, but in fact once these small tasty cakes were brought from Britain by the puritans, the Big Apple quickly started adding their own special twists, resulting in many cupcake boutiques in NYC today.

New York pizza, made with authentic New York style pizza dough, is another food that many, many people think of when they think of authentic New York fare. This pizza has super thin crust that becomes crunchy and crispy in the oven. Because too many toppings will weigh the crust down, most New Yorkers opt for the very traditional slice of pepperoni when ordering theirs.

Pizza, bagels, and we haven’t even touched on cheesecake yet! Yes, New York is certainly known for its food, and all the many different kinds. And when you’re looking to find the perfect slice of the Big Apple for your restaurant or cafeteria, we’ve got all the dough to keep you covered!