DeIorio’s New York Dough Available Nationwide!

NY Style Pepperoni Pizza

Looking for New York style pizza dough?  Thankfully for business owners everywhere, you can get DeIorio’s New York dough and dough balls, and make the perfect New York style pizza, no matter where you are. New York pizza is about having a thin pizza crust. You need to be able to get that crust just right in texture, and flavor, and with our crust that is guaranteed! 

When preparing your pizza, the less-extreme heat of a gas oven provides for a much more even cooking, which is exactly what you’re looking for in New York pizza. That will allow for the dough to cook fully through and have an even texture throughout.

The dark areas often seen on other pizzas are not what you’re trying to achieve with New York style pizza. Rather, slightly browned on the top is preferred; but definitely make sure you also don’t overcook it. New York pizza needs to be stiff enough on the bottom in order to be held up on its own, yet soft enough inside so that they can be folded. This is of course, the true test of New York pizza, and it’s something your customers will be looking for!

When you’re looking for the right dough to make your New York pizza, contact us at DeIorios for our New York style dough and dough balls. All you need to worry about is setting the temperature on the stove, and pulling it out when the pizza’s ready!