Pizza on a Stick Using Package Dough

Pizza on a Stick Using Package Dough

DeIorios sauceThere’s something people love about food on a stick; and today, this isn’t reserved for just corn dogs and popsicles. From chocolate bars, cake, corn on the cob, and everything in between, people can’t resist food on a stick. That’s why when we created this pizza on a stick recipe, we knew your customers would love it. And you’ll love how easy it is to make with package dough.


  • 1 package white or whole wheat pizza dough
  • Pizza sauce
  • Assorted toppings
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Bamboo, popsicle, or other sticks, soaked in water for at least half an hour


  1. Roll out pizza dough to about 1.5” thickness and formed in a rectangular shape. Cut the dough so that you’re left with several strips, about three inches in across and about four or five inches in length.
  2. To the strips add pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings as you normally would for a pizza. Remember to use just a few toppings, as you don’t want to make it too heavy for the dough to support it.
  3. Lay your stick at the end of one strip and start rolling the dough down and around it, jelly-roll style. When completely rolled, create a seam at both ends of the stick by pulling dough from one side over to the other, ensuring that no toppings can be seen. Repeat with remaining dough strips.
  4. Preheat the deep-fryer to about 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Once very hot, dunk the sticks in, pizza side down so that the sticks can remain above the oil, and cook, turning occasionally. Cook for about 3 to 4 minutes, until dough is brown and crispy; remove and drain on paper towels.

Offer these as an appetizer or an entrée for your restaurant, cafeteria, lunch truck, or street vendor cart. Besides the taste, the greatest thing about these snacks is that they’re great anywhere, any time!