Want to Give Them a True Taste of NYC? Don’t Forget the New York Bagels!

Bagel Tray
When you’re serving your customers the very best New York style pizza dough, they’ll likely come back for more of that authentic Big Apple taste. Morning, noon, or night you can give it to them by offering New York bagels. But what is it about these bagels that make them so special?

It’s all in the cooking process. Unlike other bagels, that are steamed and then baked (or just steam-baked,) bagels with the New York label are boiled first before being placed in a traditional oven to bake. These bagels are also made using malt and salt prior to be being boiled. All of these elements combined make for the perfect Big Apple bagel that is distinctive from any kind of bagel, anywhere else in the world, with a puffed, moist crust and a chewy, doughy center.

These bagels are often left in their pure form, but in New York it’s most common for people to slather them with cream cheese, smoked salmon, or eggs. These bagels can also come with different flavorings such as pumpernickel, sesame seed, poppy seed, onion, and just about any flavor you could imagine.

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