What Kind of Package Dough is There?

Deiorios Chicken Bacon Ranch Gluten Free Pizza
When it’s time to order frozen dough products for your restaurant, you want to give your customers a variety of choices; and that means choosing a frozen dough supplier that will offer you more than one type of dough. But what kinds should you be looking for?

Gluten-Free Pizza: This type of dough does not contain any gluten at all. Gluten is a protein that can’t be digested by many people and that can cause a lot of irritation and sickness. Offering gluten-free pizza means opening your business’ doors to that many more people.

Whole wheat pizza dough: It’s important to know when you’re ordering whole wheat pizza dough that it’s not going to be made entirely of whole grains. Because pizza dough in particular requires a certain amount of white flour, or another type of flour other than whole wheat, getting a crust from whole wheat flour alone is near impossible. Whole wheat pizza dough though, is largely made up of whole wheat flour.

Honey wheat pizza dough: Honey wheat pizza dough is simply a flavored type of dough, but it is one that is incredibly popular and that also contains some whole wheat flour. If you want to give your customers a bit more bite in their dough, this is the one for you!

Of course, there are many more types of package dough that you can order for your restaurant, but these are some of the most popular; and we have all of them right here at DeIorios!