What Types of Wholesale Bread Can You Buy from Frozen Dough Suppliers?

defrosting freezer to oven dough
If you’re going to be offering sandwiches, pizza, bagels, or anything else to your customers, you might be wondering what type of wholesale bread options are available from frozen dough suppliers. There are three main types, and the one you choose will largely depend on how much time you want to spend baking the bread or dough.

Fully baked and frozen
This type of bread, as you might guess, is already fully baked, frozen; and they only need to be defrosted before use. The most common type of fully baked and frozen bread is sliced bread and things such as sub rolls or bagels.

Par-baked dough is dough that is not fully cooked, but has been proofed and partially baked by the distributor. When it arrives at your restaurant you may or may not need to defrost it; but you will have to finish off the baking process in your own oven. This can provide your business with a wonderful freshly baked bread smell!

Raw and frozen
Dough balls are an example of raw frozen dough. These need to be fully baked, and sometimes even need to be given certain times for rising and proofing. This type of dough can be especially useful when you want to make your own creations, but don’t want the hassle of making your own dough from scratch.

When you’re ready to start offering all kinds of breads and doughs – and all the different menu items that go with them – to your customers, there really is a different type for your every need. And at DeIorios, we are the frozen dough manufacturer that can provide with you any kind you’re looking for!