Broccoli Pizza Crust

DeIorio’s is reinventing pizza and dough once again with the launch of their broccoli pizza dough. Broccoli crust pizza and dough is a delicious, gluten-free alternative to standard pizza crust and dough offering a unique alternative to America’s current favorite crust alternative, cauliflower pizza dough. Broccoli crust and dough delivers similar benefits to cauliflower, high in Vitamins C, K, and A, fiber, folate, and potassium for a lunch-time health boost.

Broccoli pizza crust comes in the following products and quantities:
10” Broccoli Cold Pressed Gluten Free Shell, 24 to a case, 7.4 oz
12” Broccoli Cold Pressed Gluten Free Shell, 22 to a case, 9.6 oz

Provide your customers looking for something new with an alternative to original crust or open the door to new customers who are looking for a delicious dough or gluten-free broccoli crust pizza because they are customers who have gluten sensitivities or those that are following keto or lower-carb diets.

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Broccoli Crust
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Baking Instructions

Keep pizza shell frozen until ready to use. This pizza shell is designed to be topped and baked frozen.


Preheat Oven to 425°

and remove your desired number of crusts from the case. Apply a light coating of oil to the interior bottom and sides of a baking pan. 

Fresh Ingredients

Top It

Place the shell onto the oiled baking pan and spread sauce, cheese, and any other desired Fresh toppings evenly over the pizza shell. (Broccoli pizza dough pairs well with garlic and tomatoes for a fresh and tasty meal.)


Bake It

13-18 minutes or until the cheese and crust become golden brown.


Let Cool

Wait 1-2 minutes after removing the pizza from the oven before cutting and serving. This will allow cheese and sauce to settle.

When baked, broccoli crust has a sturdy texture and slightly green color, making it an exciting choice for consumers looking for a unique, yet healthy, meal option.

TIP: For a crispier pizza, use a pizza screen instead of a baking pan. Do not add oil to a pizza screen.