Mix-Up Your Pizza with These 5 Unique Pizza Doughs

Mix-Up Your Pizza with These 5 Unique Pizza Doughs

Spicy Chicken Divan Pizza

Looking for Alternative Pizza Crust options? Take it from us: we love pizza (obviously). There’s nothing wrong with a good ol’ slice of pizza using the classic plain white dough. But while there’s nothing wrong with the classics, sometimes we want to mix things up (see also: dessert pizza).

If you’re like us and enjoy mixing up your pizza base from time-to-time, we’ve compiled a list of five healthy alternative pizza crust options for your next slice.

Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

Gluten-free products are all the rage right now. For some people, gluten-free dough is a medical necessity, but for others, they simply prefer the taste and clean ingredients of gluten-free dough. We even started offering gluten-less dough for restaurants that cannot commit to being 100% gluten-free (which requires certain work areas, ovens, utensils, and more to be free of gluten contamination), but want to offer their customers a unique healthy alternative.

If you’ve never tried gluten-free dough, give it a go next time you’re out or ordering for your facility. With more than 11% of Americans stating that they eat a gluten-free diet, you can tap into a large market and offer a healthy option for all customers to enjoy.

Cauliflower Pizza Dough

Cauliflower pizza dough rose to fame among ketogenic dieters (or people who avoid high carbohydrate foods), but it’s taken the world by storm in the last two years. You can find recipes online to experiment at home with cauliflower crusts, purchase frozen cauliflower pizzas at the grocery store, and now, you can also serve plant-based cauliflower crust at your restaurant or venue.

Our 10-inch Gluten-Free Cold-Pressed Cauliflower shell comes in a case of 24, so you can experiment with this low-carb crust and provide a fun, unique experience for your customers. Grab a case and try this Chicken Divan Pizza recipe to really wow your patrons.

Broccoli Pizza Dough

Similar in texture to cauliflower crust, broccoli pizza crust is a unique plant-based crust option. When baked, it has a sturdy texture and its slightly green color make it an exciting choice for customers looking for a unique meal option. Broccoli pizza dough pairs well with garlic and tomatoes for a fresh and tasty meal.

Ancient Grain Pizza Dough

Gluten-free, nutty and delicious, pizza dough made with ancient grains packs a nutritional punch and provides a sturdy base for a number of toppings. Ancient Grains include grains like quinoa, amaranth, and millet, which are nutritionally dense superfoods that are naturally gluten-free. DeIorio’s offers both a 10-inch Ancient Grain Cold Pressed Gluten Free Shell and a 6oz Ancient Grain Dough Ball, providing freedom to choose an option based on the time available.

These five alternative pizza dough options are only the beginning. DeIorio’s also offers organic, whole wheat, multi-grain, and herb dough options, ensuring that you’re always able to meet (and exceed) your customers’ taste expectations.

Have you tried any of these alternative pizza crust options yet? Are you a traditionalist who sticks to the classic dough? Drop us a line and let us know!