Tips for Making Bagels with Gluten Free Pizza Dough

You may already have frozen bagels in your freezer ready to go for that next order. But do you have gluten-free bagels? If not, it’s easy to make them using gluten free pizza dough instead. But you don’t make them the same way you would make regular bagels, and not even the same way using regular pizza dough. The good news is, it’s even easier to make g-free bagels than any of the above methods.

Start the same way you would if you were making bagels out of regular dough (pizza or otherwise.) Roll out long strips of dough, then join them at both ends and pinch to seal. You can top them with whatever toppings you’d like, poppy seeds or sesame seeds, or any other topping that will be gluten-free. This is where it starts to be a bit different than making other types of bagels.

That’s because typically it’s at this point that you’d boil the bagels before baking them. However, you can’t do this with gluten-free bagels. Gluten-free breads are typically drier than other types of breads and dough, and therefore should only be baked for a minimum amount of time. Double cooking them, as you would when boiling before baking, will only make them dry and crumbly, and they won’t be very appetizing.

At this point just preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, or what’s indicated on the package. When they’re puffed up and golden brown, pull them out and start offering one more item on your gluten-free menu!