Pizza is a great comfort food, especially plant based crusts

Crust Options


During stressful times, people lean on comfort foods. And one of the top choices is…pizza! Like most things, comfort food has changed a bit in that people are now looking for healthy options…and you can provide them that healthy choice they are looking for!

You can continue to offer traditional pizza dough that has been loved by so many. You can also look for healthier pizza doughs. You now have a lot more choices when it comes to healthier or plant-based pizza doughs, flats and shells to offer your customers. There are now gluten-free pizza dough, organic pizza dough, broccoli pizza crust, and cauliflower pizza crust. We offer all of these varieties and, in addition to our expanded pizza dough line, we individually package our products too!

Additionally, another great comfort food from restaurants, convenience stores and the like are breadsticks! Whether you offer traditional breadsticks, cheesy breadsticks, or our new favorite, broccoli cheddar dough breadsticks, offering this as a side to pizza is a great addition.

Now is a great time to expand your menu to satisfy your customers’ comfort food craving. They are looking for you to deliver their loved pizza that also brings with it comfort.

Start with a DeIorio’s dough and build your favorite flavor combinations. Pizza is as much comfort food as it is healthy and delicious. Pizza can be whatever you or your customers want to see on the menu – from traditional flavors like Margherita to the spicy goodness of buffalo chicken.

In addition to providing a variety of pizza dough options sure to satisfy comfort food cravings, we are committed to food safety. Our customer’s health is our number one priority. That’s why we offer individually packaged dough balls, dough flats, and pizza shells.

Since pizza is the ultimate comfort food, consider expanding that menu now. Delicious, warm, and easy to prepare. Start with a traditional or alternative pizza dough, add your favorite sauce and fresh ingredients, new menu items can be as easy as it is delicious.

And in-case it helps here’s one of our favorite comfort food recipes that you can add to your menu.