The Value of Pizza

Pizza is the cornerstone of American culture, at least in our opinion. Your kid has friends over? Let’s order a pizza. Big game is on? Order a pizza. Quarantined and sick of cooking already? Order a pizza. The value of pizza is priceless when it comes to convenience and options. 

With about 100 acres of pizza consumed by Americans every day, it’s no surprise that this is a bit of a comfort food in most people’s diets. It’s customizable, reminds you of your childhood and school lunches, and leaves you full afterwards – all the reasons why in a pandemic like COVID-19, people are still reaching for the phone and ordering from their favorite pizzerias. 

Times such as these, when panic is widespread, we yearn for something comforting and nostalgic, and pizza is there for us. It’s the consistency and normalcy we crave, right now. We know what we’re getting with pizza – a deliciously baked crust, a rich sauce and perfectly melted cheese, plus toppings to add to your heart’s content. 

Besides being satisfying, the value of pizza is immeasurable. It’s affordable, fills you up, and brings people together. When have you ever seen a movie when someone brings pizza, and someone else says “No thanks, I’d prefer just some salad,”? You haven’t. Because pizza can adjust to be what we need it. Not a meat eater? Cool, stick with classic cheese. Have a gluten intolerance? Pizza doesn’t judge – swap the traditional crust for a gluten-free dough. Trying to incorporate more vegetables and healthier choices into your kids — let’s face it, and your — diets? Use a caulifloweror broccoli crust

Pizza has always been there for us, and it’ll continue to be throughout this all. That’s why at DeIorio’s we pride ourselves on our variety of doughs, crusts and shells​– to let pizza shine and give it every opportunity to be the best pizza it can be.